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April 30, 2016

Why Fate Laughs?

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Janus Kane talks about why he chose to write such a controversial story.

This is a commonly asked question. People want to know why I would choose to write something so dark and socially unacceptable.

First – that question presupposes that I am solely in control of my story lines. Perhaps that is technically so, but for me (and I don’t pretend to speak for anyone but myself), for my writing process, some stories just keep banging around inside my head, clamoring to get out, until I put them on paper. To me, that is a clear sign that my muse is at work. I am disinclined to ignore her, lest she desert me completely.

Second – I don’t shrink from difficult stories, in fact I gravitate to them. There is nothing more interesting than plumbing the depths of a challenging character. It’s our highs and lows, our darkest and brightest days that are the most interesting to me. Admittedly, the characters in Fate Laughs exhibit what most people would consider to be an uncommon level of dysfunction, but is it really? It is true that, as I was writing it, I thought that the characters were certainly over the top. Sadly, in the last year, I think that we have all seen that this kind of hatred is not the anomaly that we all hoped it was.

Third – my primary goal in writing is to, of course, write a good story, but for me, it must be a story with a social conscience and a message. I believe Fate Laughs has that in spades. Certainly, the drama of the story is compelling and will keep the reader entrenched but, for me, there needs to be more or it is nothing but a car wreck attracting a lot of rubberneckers. It is in discovering what the characters do with their circumstances, do they cave in under the pressure, do they persevere or find redemption? That, to me, is the real intrigue of the story. Knowing what a character does is just the topsoil, knowing why they did it and how it changed them is the real dirt that I am trying to unearth.

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