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October 31, 2009

What Messages Are We Giving Our Youth?

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Kids today are bombarded with all sorts of unsavory messages; drugs are cool, sex is a requisite and violence is exciting. Those are messages that children get from television and are supported by their peers. But there are other messages that are more subtle and insipid. Any child who is paying attention will be forming some strong impressions of our political and economic structures. We are failing in so many ways and our kids see the evidence of it every day. But, will they draw the correct conclusions from it? Will they be willing or able to work to bring about healthy change?

When children see the rampant corporate greed that is so much in evidence today, will they conclude that Capitalism might require some changes of will they decide that what is needed is just new and better ways to beat the system? Could they really be faulted for coming to the wrong conclusion? There is so little structure and guidance in many kids’ lives. Many of them are not finding what they need in any religious structure. They are not finding it in school where they are  likely to be instructed by a teacher that is struggling with their own morality issues. And most tragically, they are not getting the necessary guidance at home. Absentee parents or those that are too preoccupied with keeping a roof over their heads to focus on helping their children negotiate troubled waters, are not physically or emotionally there to provide the needed guidance. It does not bode well for our next generation.

Now we can add to the list the sight of seemingly rational adults attacking each other in the political forum. What message do you think we are sending a child when a Senator brazenly calls the President a liar? What are our kids thinking when their parents are locking horns over whether or not to let them see an address by their country’s leader? And what will a child conclude when they see that the word ‘Americans’ has been banned from their textbooks? How sad is it that we have so grayed the lines between the good and the bad guys, up to and including the leader of our country? How can we expect our children to form their own morality when they have no idea where to look for example? Musicians, actors, teachers, sports figures, parents, etc. are all showing their human frailties in vivid Technicolor. So, where are the children of today to look for role models?

When did it become passe for adults to try to insulate their offspring from the harsher realities of life? When did we stop trying to be living breathing examples for our children to emulate? I think it is a convention that should be reinstituted for the sake of our children and our future as a country.

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