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Meet our Authors – Janus Kane


Janus Kane is 57 years old. He makes his primary residence in New York City. Would-be lawyer, sales rep for a multi-line distributor, telemarketer, bartender and Kirby vacuum cleaner salesman are a few of the career paths that Kane has followed. Interesting as they were, they were all dead ends.

Ultimately, fate put a pen in his hand. His first novel, ‘The Little Insanity’ was the result. It is a novel that shines a spotlight on the complexities of relationships and addictions. With the fast pace of a literary soap opera, this first novel will be sure to please readers who follow these characters on their path of self-discovery. The Serial version of ‘The Little Insanity’ will be coming soon to smashwords.

The six books of the ‘Fate Laughs’ series are another foray into the lives of a very dysfunctional group of people. This southern family is ruled by an authoritarian husband/father and his philosophy of hate. This toxic environment blows up in their faces, in very short order, leaving the children to pick up the pieces.

When Kane is not working on his novels, he enjoys nature, a good poker game and the occasional trip to the casino.


The Little Insanity

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