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December 28, 2009

Striving For Balance

Wow, I just realized that the last post may have sounded a tad bit negative – just a tad bit. Let’s add a little balance. This year has been very exciting and we have accomplished a lot. I’ll recap – two books (one adult fiction, one YA fiction) were written, edited, designed, formatted, proofed and published. The groundwork has been established and we will never have to be called ‘novice’ publishers again. The flipbook for both titles will be fully edited and laid out (if not ready for sale) by the end of the month. Editing has begun on our next titles ‘Rain’ and ‘Bigelow Hollow Revisited’ – both are YA titles. Our books have broad online distribution channels, including the two biggies – Amazon and B&N. We have had some talks and some books signings resulting in enough sales for us to give back to some favorite causes.

So far, in our holiday book promotion, we have been able to donate copies of ‘The Little Insanity’ to our soldiers overseas and copies of ‘Nightsweats in Bigelow Hollow’ to the WE ARE THE CHILDREN Christmas party in Hartford, CT. We have also had book signings for animal advocacy groups that have allowed us to contribute a portion of our sales back to the groups.

Whew, and we’re not done yet. With at least two more titles slotted for publication in 2010, we still have much on our plate. Marketing will be ongoing but as one author said (I wish I could remember the source) ‘marketing is front-loaded. It is like pushing a snow ball up a mountainside. It is tough going in the beginning. But, eventually, if you are persistent, you will reach the peak and the snowball will have a momentum all its own.’ Understand, this was not verbatim. I paraphrase, because, heck I can’t even remember who said it. Perhaps when our marketing takes on its own momentum I can go back and reread all of the great resources I have used and credit the authors properly.

I hope everyone’s holidays were safe and happy,


December 22, 2009

I Have Been Remiss

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Sorry for the long absence. Things have been absolutely INSANE here and the month has flown by on the wings of a hummingbird. Three days from Christmas and I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that it is no longer September. Have you seen that commercial, you know the one, the BING commercial that shows different people in the grip of information overload? Well, that is my life these days.

With a to-do list that seems to grow exponentially every time I cross something off of it, the holidays bearing down on me like an uncaged panther and another ‘real-world’ job that is making greater demands on me by the day (the bills have to be paid until this publishing gig takes off, after all), I find myself frantically wondering if I have made a mistake. Something (or a couple of somethings) had to give. One of them was the blog – I hope you understand.

It seems that I am losing the ability to prioritize. There are so many things vying for my attention these days. There is networking to be done; writers’ groups, publisher’s groups and the occasional talk to groups of those aspiring to be one or the other. The next two titles on the March Books list are banging louder and louder for attention – ‘edit us’, ‘format us’, ‘proofread us’, ‘get us some covers’ and ‘GET US PUBLISHED’. Meanwhile, I work on one of the half-dozen eFormats for our first two releases. Gone are the days when we could just hand over the PDF file and be done with it. Now Kindle needs a version, the Nook needs a separate version and I (insane as I am) stay married to the idea of offering a flipbook version from our website. But, this is all the fun stuff.

Then, there is the marketing. God save me from the marketing. But, if he did, what would be the point of publishing? If no one knows about the books, why even bother? And so, I continue to look for new ways to market our books to bookstores and libraries, to wrap my head around SEO and the power of the internet (Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Blog Spot, Book Blogger, WritersCafe, and about two dozen others – heck, who am I kidding, I can’t even remember all of the writing, reading and blogging sites that I have joined) and keep putting our name out there until the magic number has been reached when our audience will take the step of buying our books. Then, of course, there is the grass-roots movement – actually getting into local businesses and hawking the books, talking to local groups and scheduling book signings – Yikes! Let us not forget the reams of ongoing research on how to design, how to format, how to edit, how to market, publicize and sell your book. The intricacies of dealing with Amazon alone would keep me busy for a month.

Is it any wonder that I have found myself paralyzed by indecision? What to do next? I don’t know the answer to that question. For now, it is enough to be blogging. Then the holidays and the hope that 2010 will bring a new calm and sanity to an otherwise insane endeavor.

Wish me luck,

The Little Insanity
Nightsweats in Bigelow Hollow

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