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November 26, 2009

Truth Is Not Always Stranger Than Fiction – Janus Kane

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You may have heard the story of the Man trapped in a coma for 23 years. Apparently it was not a coma, it just appeared to be one. As science progresses, it occasionally catches up with fiction. Case in point;

Excerpt from ‘The Little Insanity’


‘Where the hell was he?’ He tried to look around, but he couldn’t move his head. ‘Oh Boy, he’d really done it this time.’

Kyle remembered feeling like this once before – when he’d first hurt his back. He’d been lifting a slab of granite, when, ‘Bam!’ It hit like a Mack truck. And that’s exactly how he’d felt; like he’d been hit by a truck. The pain was blinding, debilitating, heart stopping. Then, there was nothing.

It was as if every nerve in his body went to sleep. If someone had told him he had suddenly gone incorporeal, Kyle would have believed them. He had absolutely no sensation anywhere in his body, which seemed like a fair trade at the time. Anything that would stop the raging pain would be worth it.

This was different though. Kyle could still feel things now. Maybe he felt too much.

When he first became conscious, he tried to open his eyes but couldn’t. It was as if they were taped shut. All Kyle could see was a peach colored light filtering through his eyelids.

There was a lot of commotion. He heard it and felt it. People were bustling around him in a flurry of activity. Kyle tried to raise an arm to let someone know he was awake. Nothing happened. He heard someone yell, “BP 80/60, respiration weak, pulse thready.”

Suddenly, he felt his jaw being pried open. They were shoving something down his throat. Kyle panicked: trying to turn his head, move his hand to push them away, close his mouth. He couldn’t do anything but feel. His body had stopped listening to him…

The Little Insanity

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