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November 26, 2009

Do We Need Our Own French Revolution? – Janus Kane

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There has been a lot of debate over the state of the economy, high unemployment levels and what the source of the decline is. I think we all know that politicians are not helping the situation, but are they the only problem?
 I think that what we need is something akin to the French Revolution. As things stand right now, the big corporate CEOs are sitting in their ivory towers, thumbing their noses at us while spouting Marie Antoinette’s words – ‘let them eat cake’. Their greed is the thing that is undermining our economy. It is rampant in all areas; from bank executives stomping on struggling families and kicking them out onto the street as they write themselves another bonus check, large farming industries that torture and mutilate animals, in ungodly conditions, for profit and car makers who are so busy taking profits when times were good that they had nothing left for the leaner days.

If these big corporate gluttons would take their hands out of the till for one minute, maybe they could afford to make American products that could compete with what Asian markets are sending over. How any of these CEOs could consider (and could be allowed by their current banker – US) writing themselves another bonus check in these times is beyond comprehension.Shame on our politicians for handing over America’s hard-earned money to large corporations with no conditions or interest obligation – basically with no accountability at all. It is a case of the ‘haves’ giving to the ‘haves’ and leaving the ‘have nots’ to pick up the tab. 

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