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September 16, 2009

Yet Another Human Cruelty by M.J. Claire

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Have you ever wondered about the price of that egg on your plate? I have to confess that I never did. I always considered eggs to be one of the less cruel food choices I could make. Apparently I was wrong. See the article that changed my mind.

What an eye opener this article is. I didn’t/couldn’t watch the video, but I may have to force myself to bear witness to this cruelty. I am always appalled by the way ‘human beings’ trample anything that does not serve ‘our grand purpose’. I was completely ignorant to this horror. I have lived w/the belief that eggs are a source of protein that does not require the murder of its animal donor, just like milk. Why is it always necessary for people to bastardize everything in their pursuit of the almighty buck? This is a brutal and wasteful practice, however, as ignorant as I was in regard to the egg industry, I have no such delusions about the chicken industry & I have to wonder if we would be doing these chicks a favor by relegating them to that system. It would be great to snap our fingers & eliminate the use of fowl/livestock for food. I doubt that will happen in our lifetime. The problem is extensive. Even if we called a halt to this practice tomorrow, what would be the fate of those birds? We, as a country, cannot even treat the animals we consider to be our pets humanely. Livestock does not even have a fighting chance. Add to that the fact that these industries often attract people who enjoy inflicting abuse on smaller creatures (after all, who else would willingly take such a job?) & the outcome is predictible. Awareness, however, is the first step. It takes sites like this to wake people like me from our blissful ignorance.


  1. Why not just switch to locally farmed, free-range eggs? I’ve met some of the chickens who provide breakfast to me personally.

    Factory farmed vegetables are lousy for you, the environment, and the vegetables too.

    Comment by Kat — September 17, 2009 @ 7:44 am | Reply

  2. Kat,

    I certainly understand, and it is a valid point, but the reality is that local farms can just not meet the demand. Sure, that might solve my personal egg dilemma, but it will not do anything for the hundreds of thousands of little chicks that are being ground up alive. There has to be a compromise between feeding the masses at an affordable price and not torturing the animals on whom we rely for our food.

    I believe that the real problem is ignorance. I was certainly guilty of it. I had no idea that this practice was going on. People don’t know/don’t want to know, where their food comes from. It took me a while to screw up the nerve to watch the undercover video of this terrible practice. It was horrifying. Most people are more comfortable in their ignorance. I know that I would be, but I thought I owed it to these poor animals to at least bear witness to their slaughter. Now I can start by at least changing my own behaviour and spreading the word to the people who are willing to listen.

    Comment by marchbooks — September 17, 2009 @ 2:44 pm | Reply

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