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April 3, 2009

March Books Changes its Release Date for The Little Insanity

March Books has changed the release date for their upcoming adult title ‘The Little Insanity’. Originally, this title was scheduled for publication in April 2009. That deadline has been moved to August 2009 to accommodate the review and printing schedule.

The release of March Books first publication, ‘The Little Insanity’, has been changed to August 2009.


The Little Insanity

Author – Janus Kane

Website –

genre – Commercial Fiction

Publisher – March Books

Publisher’s website –

Publisher’s email –

ISBN 9781935367291

Publication Date – 8/1/09

Format – 6×9 Paperback

Pages – 296

Price – $16.95


What percentage of us are damaged, handicapped, or fractured in some way that we struggle desperately to hide from the casual, and not so casual, observer? How many of us can lay claim to total mental stability, renouncing any character flaws or defects that can adversely affect our relationships and interactions with others?

The French call sex ‘Le Petit Mort’, the Little Death, because it temporarily suspends the heart and the head. The ‘Little Insanity’ focuses on the equally crazy effects of relationships on our behavior, in the new millennium. Watch the insanity that ensues when six, seemingly sane, individuals mix and shake their own, not so healthy, personality cocktails together. Follow Jenn, Jason, Kyle, Kyra, Brad and Beth through the sexual and personal relationships that are ‘The Little Insanity’. Don’t mistake this for another knock-off of ‘Friends’. This relay of relationships between these 30-somethings shines a light on the different faces we wear and the machinations we all go through to hide what is really beneath the surface. The setting for this little dysfunctional drama is a small town in Connecticut, although some of the story takes place in ‘The Big Apple’.


With the pace of a literary soap opera, Janus Kane’s first novel should appeal to readers who enjoy watching these fictional, but realistic, characters’ lives unfold and unravel before them. These six characters are on a path of discovery that will lead them to painful truths about life, love, themselves and others. Like a car crash, we must watch as these events drive some of our characters, inexorably, toward a crescendo that is the ultimate insanity.


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The Little Insanity

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